In Memory of Bradford Fernandez

December 1, 1996 - January 21, 2011

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Welcome to In Memory of Bradford

Dedicated to our beloved son, brother and friend, Bradford Fernandez, who, on January 21, 2011 took his life, and to all those who have died by suicide.

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Our Mission Statement

In memory of Bradford Fernandez, and all those who have died by suicide, we stand united as guardians with unwavering commitment and passion, bridging together children and families in need with resources that specialize in the early warning signs and treatment of teenage suicide and self-harm.  We accomplish our vision by promoting suicide prevention strategies and educational initiatives with each member of our community and schools.

Vision Statement

In Memory of Bradford will become a force within our community for the sanctity of life, the unity of families, and hope for our teens.

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Demand Florida Schools incorporate a formalized Suicide Prevention Education and Intervention Program.

Oath of Guardianship©

"My friend, I love you. I promise to always watch over you even during your darkest moments; if you need help, I will make sure to find help for you, even if you ask me not to. I promise to not honor any bonds that will ultimately hurt you in any way; it's for your own good. Understand, as a loving friend, it is my responsibility to watch over you. I promise not to let you think that your life is worthless and to dishonor you. YOU MATTER TO ME AND TO THE WORLD; YOU ARE WORTHY OF GOD'S LOVE AND LIFE."

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Bradford's Pledge, written by Ana Fernandez
January 21, 2011


Our Mission Statement guides our endeavors to become a resource of excellence for families that may come to face their worse and most painful fear, the loss of a child to suicide. We are currently researching to determine, based on results, what are the best resources we can gather to treat the elusive problem of teenage suicide holistically.

We know, by our painful experience that the suicide epidemic does not occur from one single cause; that many factors can contribute to the underlying cause.

Please visit frequently and watch your resource evolve. We are open to any suggestions or resources you may know of, if you believe they are outstanding, for us to form the network that is necessary to prevent this tragedy and assist in the healing of families that have already suffered the greatest loss.

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A Personal Message from Ana Fernandez:

The death of my beloved son, Bradford, shattered my life and tore my heart into pieces. I will never be the same. Bradford's sisters and brother will never be the same; they carry a hole in their heart as a result of his absence. Bradford's friends, also, will never be the same; they have a permanent scar in their hearts. Bradford probably believed no one would miss him, including his family. He was wrong. He was loved beyond understanding. His life and death touched the hearts of many. Suicide is NEVER the answer. It is a permanent destructive solution to a temporary problem. If you've ever thought about suicide and think no one will miss you - you are wrong. If you think the world is "better off without you," - you are wrong. If you think your family, your parents, your siblings won't miss you, you are wrong. No matter how insignificant you feel you are, you matter and are loved. Your suicide will only leave pain, intense suffering, and storms of tears for the people you love. Don't destroy the lives of your loved ones, along with yours. There is always a choice; there is help. You are not alone. All you have to do is to reach out for help to find it.